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Blackfoot Remediation Support

Analysis of over 200 data security breaches has identified a common theme underlying successful security attacks - un-patched systems.

Organisations continue invest significantly in the latest security infrastructure and controls, but often the most basic of security principles go unchecked, including patching of systems. Furthermore, more businesses are outsourcing IT to hosting partners, web developers and cloud providers. But are these partners providing the basic levels of security required to protect your business’ revenue and reputation?

Blackfoot’s approach to remediating security vulnerabilities follows our core philosophy – understand what needs to be protected, where the risk and threats will come from, then implement, tune and review controls accordingly.

Blackfoot’s remediation support centres around the creation of an asset register that details, identifies and rates critical data assets that require remediation support. Once identified the assets then undergo risk assessment and risk rating and alert the company of the vulnerability, including the severity and impact, building and agreeing a remediation strategy. The asset register can be tracked on a monthly basis. In the event a third party is unresponsive, Blackfoot consultants will engage with the client to agree an escalation path if needed.

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