Cornucopia A game to assist secure software development


Frequently asked questions

1.Why has Blackfoot printed the cards?

We found them very useful in our own work helping companies build security into their development lifecycle, but the print-your-own versions were a little hard to use and time-consuming to print.

2.Are the cards free?

We have a limited number of sets to give away, but yes there is no charge. The game is open source and you can obtain everything to create the same materials from the project pages on the OWASP website at

3.Can I have more than one pack?

Sorry no. Please print your own and share them with others.

4.Can I have the source files?

The design files can be downloaded from here and will be on the OWASP project site as well. All files retain the original Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license – see

5.Who came up with the idea of a box that looks like a cigarette pack?

Blackfoot CEO Matthew Tyler.

6.More project FAQ’s from OWASP

See also the project FAQs on the OWASP website at OWASP