Cornucopia A game to assist secure software development

Colin Watson


With over 20 years’ experience, Colin’s areas of expertise span both the practical and theoretical elements of security governance from the writing of security policy documentation to implementation of security throughout the software development lifecycle.

In a world of changing regulatory requirements and security considerations, ensuring an organisation has an appropriate, effective and compliant policy is of paramount importance. Colin’s experience ensures any organisation’s policy documents comply with the requirements of PCI DSS, ISO27001, FSA, INIST and SSAE/ISAE.

On the practical side, Colin excels in the delivery of application security verification methods including design review, code review and penetration testing, and the design of defensive measures to protect operational applications including intrusion detection and the use of application firewalls.

Colin is also a member of OWASP’s Global Industry Committee and was delighted to be awarded an OWASP outstanding achievement award in 2011.