Assess - Firewall Security Assessment

Firewall Security Assessment

A firewall’s effectiveness depreciates over time as more and more rules are added. Unless the defining rule sets are regularly reviewed, it is likely new rules will conflict with older rules and the firewall is left vulnerable. In addition to regular checking a Firewall’s rule set, it is a compliance requirement and best practice for an organisation to agree, document and review its policy on the acceptable configuration of the Firewall.

Blackfoot’s approach to Firewall security is in line with our core philosophy – understand what needs to be protected, identify where the risk and threats will come from, then implement, tune and review controls accordingly.

Initially Blackfoot will develop a Firewall Configuration Policy document, detailing what the business deems as acceptable configuration of its core security control. Blackfoot consultants then use industry recognised tools, along with their wealth of experience to review existing Firewall rule sets, identify old, duplicated, vulnerable or contradictory rules and ensure all rules are efficient and up to date.

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