Referral's What our clients say

Actually it is probably a great opportunity to also express how impressed I have been with xxxxx up to now. He is proving to be very helpful to us and he is a real asset to you and your company. Major Telco

I rarely have an issue with anything you guys propose, it always seems to be in the best interest of the client. Major Acquiring Bank

xxxx, xxxx did an outstanding job and was a total pleasure to work with. It is rare that I find other QSAs/auditors who share so many of the views that I have and hold themselves to such high standards. xxxx is a credit to Blackfoot and I look forward to maintaining a relationship with both Blackfoot and xxxx into the future. Major Hosting Company

Just to let you know that the sessions are going down very well with staff. Very positive feedback from all levels within the organisation.

xxxx is doing a sterling job not only by making a "dry" subject interesting, but to work his way through 5 sessions a day and still be as chirpy in the fifth as he was in the first!! I have fed back to him the general level of feedback, more to keep him going than anything else.

xxxx provided security consultancy for a complex compliance project, working with project management and internal resources for remediation and to advise on scope and approach.

It is obvious that xxx's knowledge is gained from actual technical expertise, repeated application and real-world scenarios and this leads to a creative and pragmatic approach. xxxx has the ability to clearly articulate the real complaince problem and walk through remediation activities step by step putting people at all levels within the business at ease with both the, often intiailly dauting, issue and the path to compliance. Working alongside xxxx has also provided invaluable education on security aspects that can be taken forward through future projects.

Working with xxxx has been a pleasure and I would reccomend him unreservedly.

Just a quick note to thank you for all your policy work over the last few weeks.

Everyone involved has spoken very highly of this piece of work, and your management of it , as it has "fast tracked" a huge amount of work that we would have had to do to get ourselves in a far better place.

Your presence today at the meeting was valuable in the end as I think some of your comments pushed stuff over the line so that we can knock it on the head and start to implement the policy

Fin controller >500m t/o member organisation

Thanks for your good wishes which obviously did the trick as we've been recommended for certification by the auditor. zxxx has let xxxx know already but thanks to you and all the team at Blackfoot for you help in getting us through.

Excellent result - I'm really pleased.

Thanks for your support, it was appreciated.'

'The workshop today was exactly what we were looking for.

You are clearly very knowledgeable and highly experienced in the subject matter. Delivery style and content definitely hit the mark with both technical and business attendees.

All in all a credit to Blackfoot and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Thanks again for your time – we will be in touch again soon!'

Great news we have passed the ISO 27001 audit with flying colours – in fact xxxx said that it was one of the best examples of a frame work that he has ever seen!

There were a few observations and 5 areas for improvement but other than that he was struggling to find fault!!

I just wanted to thank you, on behalf of the team, for your input and guidance as there is no way we could have achieved this fantastic result without you.

The Blackfoot interventions were of high quality and value-adding, thanks to you and the team for your efforts to date.

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