Certification Audit

For different standards and regulations, Blackfoot offer either certification audits or soft audits. A certification audit is the formal audit for the standard or regulation, which if passed will result in you achieving formal certification. A soft audit is an audit intended to gauge your readiness for the formal certification audit which will then be carried out by one of our certified partners.

• PCI DSS - certification audits for both Merchants and Service Providers
• ISO 27001 - soft audit, certification audit through a partner
• Cyber Essentials/Plus - soft audit, certification audit through a partner
• Gambling Commission - soft audit
• FCA regulations - soft audit

The objective of the review is for Blackfoot to conduct a formal compliance audit against the client for the desired standard. The audit will highlight:

• Whether the client has passed the audit (in the case of a certification audit);
• Whether the client is ready for certification by the certification body (in the case of a soft audit);
• Also assists in building an ongoing compliance journey for the client post-audit;
• If a failed audit, a tailored gap analysis showing the client what remediation work is required to achieve a passing audit with suggested recommendations;