Cyber Security Management

Comprehensive Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management from industry experts

Cyber Security Management

All year-round security, reactive, pro-active and strategic management of your cyber security

The speed of technology developments means that organisations must strive to keep up to date, whilst managing the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and changes to regulation. This can become the work of a full-time specialist - or a team of specialists - which simply isn’t practical for many businesses to create internally.

Our Cyber Security Management service is a tailored service that will give you the assurance that all your security and compliance concerns such as GDPR/DPA, PCI DSS, ISO27001, are being addressed – all year round.

How it works:

All year-round security, reactive, pro-active and strategic support
Following initial discussions of your goals and objectives, and any gaps in your resource or assurance model, we will propose a fit-for-purpose solution to supplement your organisations capabilities.

Our Managed Cyber Security service provides 3 key levels of service:
    • Strategic
    • Reactive
    • Pro-active

You can select the level of service in line with your needs to give you the level of support and assurance that you need. Whichever level of service is selected, we will always be on hand to support and guide you when you need us.

Our managed security service is typically comprised of the following:

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