Cyber Security Training

A company’s employees are its most valuable assets – Keep them protected with Blackfoot’s award-winning training and awareness services

Your employees are your most valuable asset and everyday attackers are actively trying to compromise them.

Blackfoot are leaders in providing information security, data protection and privacy training; training that is designed to reduce your company’s risk and protect your employees

Using our extensive expertise, we have crafted a range of award-winning awareness and training services to help companies to train their staff, reduce your risk and meet your compliance and regulatory needs.

Our courses are designed to ensure that everyone understands how they can help keep your business safe. All training sessions are delivered in plain English and, most importantly, will help prevent your staff from being caught out.

How it works

We recommend a holistic approach to managing awareness and training. An approach designed to ensure that all of the organisation’s statutory, regulatory and risk-reduction objectives are met at the outset and continue to be met over time.

Good training is quite simply the most cost-effective way to reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach. Training your staff correctly first time and regularly updating their knowledge (because the nature and sophistication of attacks evolve constantly) will undoubtedly save both time and cost in the long term.

We ensure that your awareness programme meets all of your objectives effectively and efficiently through a structured approach to awareness and training, which involves:

•A strategic assessment to measure current awareness obligations, measures in place, and awareness maturity
•Assistance in setting up or supporting a management framework to drive awareness
•Developing a detailed roadmap
•Providing ongoing support to the awareness management framework
•Awareness and training delivery workstreams
•Metrics monitoring and reporting
•Annual review

Training Services

We have a range of training services which can be tailored to your organisation's specific requirements.