Training Services

eLearning Training Courses (links to datasheets)
Blackfoot offer six standard eLearning training courses:
• Core Cyber Security Awareness
• Additional Security for Remote Workers
• Handling Personal Data
• Face-to-Face Payment Security
• MOTO Payment Security
• Fraud Prevention

Usually all trainees take the Core Cyber Security Awareness training course, followed by a selection of further courses depending on their job role.

Training Workshops (links to Datasheets)
Blackfoot offer a number of standard on-site training workshops:
• Cyber Security Executive briefing (half-day)
• Software and Web Development Security (one-day)
• GDPR for Managers (one-day)
• Introduction to PCI DSS (one-day)
• Introduction to ISO 27001 (one day)
• Security Awareness Workshop (one-day)

Blackfoot can also create bespoke eLearning courses and workshops to meet your specific requirements.

eLearning Delivery options (links to Datasheets)
Blackfoot offer eLearning delivery options to meet every businesses’ requirements:

eLearning content delivered in MP4 format
eLearning content delivered in SCORM format for use in your own LMS
Cloud LMS provided by Blackfoot and administered by you
Admin training for your nominated LMS administrators
Support for your LMS administrators
Cloud LMS provided and administered by Blackfoot
User management and enrolments (including starters, movers and leavers)
Creation of courses in LMS based on non-Blackfoot content
Importing details into LMS of face-to-face training activities
Monthly reporting
Access to awareness poster library
Bespoke eLearning Courses