Software Asset Management

Gain greater value from existing software licenses.

Significant cost savings can result from a successfully executed Software Asset Management (‘SAM’) programme. Implementation of an effective SAM practice eliminates unintended software deployment and optimises existing software licenses, aligning software liability and cost to the business value.

The majority of software license agreements carry cost-saving opportunities and financial risks. For example, you may have deployed more software than you purchased, making your business non-compliant and at risk of vendor audit penalties, substantial unbudgeted spend and, in extreme cases, legal proceedings. Alternatively, you may have deployed less software than you bought, causing excess waste and unnecessary renewal spend.

Many software publishers have in place extremely complex licensing models that are constantly changing, as well as license consumption measurements that are often difficult to track. Managing software assets from such vendors efficiently requires specialised and the most up-to-date knowledge. This is where we can help.

How it works

We view software as strategic business assets, which means that the goals of any successful SAM programme need to be driven by the wider business vision. We have categorised software publishers into three separate tiers, based on their market influence, audit aggressiveness and licensing complexity, and in turn, have developed our level of capability and service offering for each publisher tier accordingly.

The roadmap for implementing or enhancing a SAM programme needs to begin with a solid understanding of the current state, while establishing a clear plan for achieving desired level of maturity.

We can assist organisations to implement an efficient and manageable SAM programme, addressing key aspects to improve governance, control and gain greater efficiency and effectiveness in managing software assets.

Benefits of a successful SAM programme:

• Reduction in total cost of software by 20-40% (or between 5-10% of your IT budget) per annum
• Introduction of industry best practice techniques to establish effective license positions
• Optimised control and management of risks and benefits relating to software assets through a review of governance and controls processes
• Mitigation of compliance risks and cost-optimisation through rationalisation of inventory