Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management

Comprehensive Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management from industry experts

How it works

Blackfoot takes an industry leading approach to security testing and vulnerability management. We believe that every business needs a bespoke approach to testing that considers threats to the business, available budget, compliance requirements and ultimately business risk.

Tech Assurance Service Areas:

Blackfoot’s team of Technical Security experts have developed a range of signature scanning solutions to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your IT systems. These include:

Vulnerability Scanning –
Vulnerability scanning is a proactive security measure that tests for the presence of potentially exploitable infrastructure vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The test primarily seeks to identify vulnerabilities that are commonly used to launch attacks and gain unauthorised access to systems and data.
• PCI DSS ASV Scanning: PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) scans are performed in order to support compliance with the PCI DSS standard, and require special considerations
• External Vulnerability Scanning: Scanning of exposed interfaces (from an external position) to discover vulnerabilities available to the general public
• Internal Vulnerability Scanning: Scanning of internal infrastructure to discover vulnerabilities that could be leveraged if the perimeter is breached

Blackfoot’s Technical Assurance services include:

• Security Testing Management
• Vulnerability Assessments and Management
• Penetration Testing
• Infrastructure Penetration Testing
• Web Application Penetration Testing
• PCI DSS Penetration Testing
• API Testing
• Black Box Pen Testing
• Firewall Reviews
• OSINT / Dark Web Scans
• Risk Scorecards

You can select the level of service in line with your needs to give you the level of support and assurance that you need. Whichever level of service is selected, we will always be on hand to support and guide you when you need us.

Our managed security service is typically comprised of the following:

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